To all Forum Members:

We have created these forums to build a community atmosphere for our customers. We believe that the opinions of our customers are an important factor in the growth and improvement of our services. We encourage you to join and participate in these forums. Like all forums we do have some basic guidelines that we ask you to respect while using this resource.

Threads Requiring Customer Service Intervention
The forums are not a customer support channel. If an issue requires access to the server in one way or another it should go to customer service. In order to help us improve response time and maintain quality customer service, we ask that if you are experiencing an issue with your account you open a support ticket at or support @ directly. If a support issue is posted in this forum we may redirect you to customer service and/or the post may be deleted. We need to do this to ensure that support requests are directed properly and handled promptly.

The following actions will not be tolerated on these forums:
1. Harassment of members and/or staff via posts, private messages or emails
2. Unnecessary use of vulgar words
3. Use of inappropriate avatars (including, but not limited to: drug/gang paraphernalia, adult-oriented content, depiction of violent acts, etc.)
4. Cross-posting (posting the same message in multiple sub-forums)
5. Use of these forums to advertise any commercial service or product other than the service(s)
6. Re-posting a message that was previously deleted or censored by an administrator or moderator
7. Attempting to circumvent a ban placed by an administrator or moderator
If a member repeatedly violates one or more of these provisions, he or she may be subject to one or more of the following penalties:
1. Post removal (the offending post(s) will be stricken from the forums)
2. Restricted forum access (I.E. permission to read but not post)
3. Complete ban on forum access (no permission to read or post)
In extreme cases, where members have been previously warned and still continue to blatantly violate forum policies, reserves the right to temporarily suspend, or even permanently terminate a customerís account(s). Please note that this course of action will only be utilized in the most egregious cases, and after all other options have been exhausted.

Any posts which are deemed inappropriate can and will be removed without notice. reserves the right to remove or edit any thread/post at any time? with or without reason. If a post is edited or removed, under no circumstances is the poster authorized to re-post the censored material. Doing so may result in revocation of forum privileges. reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. Continued use of these forums is contingent upon acceptance of the updated terms. By posting on these forums, you are consenting to these terms in their entirety, and agree to accept any penalties that may stem from violation of said terms. will notify members through these forums when changes have been made to the forum rules.