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Thread: Flash & Google SEO?

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    Default Flash & Google SEO?

    http://searchbliss-webmaster.blogspot.c ... earch.html

    To review SEO and flash with google, please click on the link listed above.

    Do you think flash is a good idea when designing a web page? Do you see SEO and flash working together in the long term?

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    Usually everyone tries to provide or have a rich user experience in a content-driven website. Google and other search engines normally do index SWF files. But the overall browsing experience will be degraded, since a good number of Internet users have Flash disabled. Like mobiles due to limited bandwidth or small screen.
    So in short Google and a few other web crawlers are able to eventually index the content of your SWF files (even though it may take some effort and time), but most importantly, if you want to give the user a rich user experience in a content-driven website, you should sharpen your CSS, Javascript and AJAX skills in order to achieve something similar to what you would using Flash.

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