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Thread: How Many Keywords Should I Use?

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    Default How Many Keywords Should I Use?

    This goes out to those in the field of SEO!

    How many keyword(s) should I use per page? It five(5) to many? Is one(1) to little?

    Should each keyword(s) match the content of your web page? What if you use the same keyword per page- would there be any SEO rules broken in this case?

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    There probably is a limit of about 64K bytes -- it's certainly more than 256 bytes, the next lowest natural limit. Word can use strange formatting characters, so I suggest you paste the Word output into the SS text editor via 'Paste Plain Text' to clean them out. Then you should be able to copy from the text editor and paste into the meta-tag field. However it may all be a wasted effort. Search engines generally don't use the Keywords meta-tag these days. Instead, I suggest concentrate your effort on the Title and Description tags, much easier

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    It depends on how many keyowrds you total have and wish to promote, and how big is ur website.
    If you have alot of quality pages, 1 keyword will be the best, but I will assume you are not in this situation, so I will suggest you to use 2 keywords for every page for start, and 3-4 for homepage.

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