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Thread: Do Not Abuse Title Tags

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    Default Do Not Abuse Title Tags

    "I'm repeating keywords in my browser titles and I'm wondering from "those who know more than I" if I'm overdoing it."

    The above question is always being asked. My simple answer is never abuse your keywords in your title tag.

    Your title tag should be simple and to the point.

    Good example: "Sports Blogs: Post Your Thoughts with 123sports."

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    Hello seosugar!

    I very much agree that abusing your title tag will hurt and not improve your SEO. I also wanted to show a poor example of SEO and title tags.

    Poor Example:

    <title="art work at the best of art work with art graphics and art designs."</title>

    See how I've repeated the word art? We get your point is what your visitors are thinking. Well, the search engines think the same way.

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