View Full Version : How To Read Email?

02-01-2008, 05:12 PM
I noticed in the control panel there is the option
to set up e-mail. My question is how do read or send out e-mail via your domain? Would you need to login your control panel? Or would you actually receive email to your yahoo, msn or AOL account?

02-01-2008, 06:08 PM
Yes, you can send and receive emails using cpanel. First, you will have to create email addresses. If you want guidance in this regard, you can visit our support site for video tutorials. Here is the link to our video tutorial for cpanel (creating email addresses): https://4goodhosting.com/support/index. ... ditemid=14 (https://4goodhosting.com/support/index.php?dload=Download&_m=downloads&_a=downloadfile&downloaditemid=14)

You can also receive emails at your yahoo and hotmail accounts by forwarding your created email addresses to your other accounts. You can log into your cpanel account and setup forwarders there.