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07-10-2008, 12:55 AM
This is a shot out to SEO experts!

My question is, three way link building bad or good for web site owners? Please give your reasons to either way. Happy SEO :)

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07-15-2008, 04:57 PM
The issues with three way linking:
Most people engaging in 3 way link exchanges are doing it with the express intent to manipulate search results. This typically means they are trying to make automated bots think their ideas are better than they are, and are willing to do deceptive things to do it.
There are legitimate reasons to do three way links. The real problem is that if their two sites are not connected and they are primarily working to benefit the link popularity of their main site then it does not really hurt them if the site linking to you gets banned. If those sites get banned then they parse no link popularity to you.
In doing this webmasters can agressively market their high margin websites while keeping them somewhat shielded from the dangerous effects of their aggressive promotion.
In fact many marketers might set up 20 or 30 or more secondary sites to exchange links with.

07-17-2008, 03:32 AM
Don't spend all your time getting one way links from sites with no Page Rank. One or two links from related Page Rank 4+ sites can be worth more than 100 links from sites with no PR.

Page Ranks means how important a page is in the eyes of Google.

As for 3 way link building? If can be done if completed correctly. Check for different IP's addresses.

Finally, check for content including spam.
Make sure the content is related to your website theme.
Example: if your website is about tacos, please make sure those who link to you is also about tacos.

04-20-2009, 12:03 PM
Well the guys here gave you really good answers but too complicated so I will try to make it simple for you:

1 way link is great - from a good PR site
2 way link is good - from a good PR site
3 way link is not so good - from a good PR site

and thats the reason why:

1 way link is good - from a low PR site
2 way link is not so good - from a low PR site
3 way link is USELESS - from a low PR site

hope you got it :)